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Excellence Award Winners 2022-23

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2022-23 Excellence Award Winners

Jay (Jaehyeon) Park

Writing English in Korea
Faculty: Lauri Dietz
ENGLISH 12Q: The Taboo

Annie Ostojic & Peter Mugaba Noertoft

Dry Adhesive Nanostructures Mimicking Geckos' Feet Adhesive Properties
Faculty: J Provine, Roger Howe
EE 17N: Engineering the Micro and Nano Worlds: From Chips to Genes

Govind Chada

Comparing and Contrasting Various Perspectives on The Akedah and Implications for Mr. Mani
Faculty: Russell Berman
COMPLIT 37Q: Zionism and the Novel

Julia Gershon

"Final Transmission” Alternative Reality Game"
Faculty: Melissa Stevenson
ENGLISH 17Q: After 2001: A 21st Century Science Fiction Odyssey

Zoe Colloredo-Mansfeld

Stanford Abuzz: Pollinator Ecology in the Workscape
Faculty: Kären Wigen
HISTORY 95N: Maps in the Modern World

Zach Zafran

NCAA Awards Big Game to Stanford
Faculty: John Evans
ENGLISH 90Q: Sports Writing

Natasha Banga

Serotonin Receptors and Potential Treatments for Major Depressive Disorder
Faculty: William Giardino
PSYC 52N: The Neuroscience of Stress and Reward: Circuit Fundamentals of Emotional Arousal

Aileen Rubio

Unrestricted and Utopia (from a queer Latine perspective)
Faculty: Terry Berlier
ARTSTUDI 150N: Queer Sculpture

Anna Tavakolian

The Potential Of Cyanobacteria as a Commercial Scale Liquid Biofuel Source
Faculty: John D Fox
APPPHYS 79N: Energy Options for the 21st Century

Ronny Junkins, Ishita Verma, Chris Emodi, and Stephanie Wyatt

Enhancement of Meat Cultivation via a Stem Cell-activating Protein
Faculty: Jill Helms
SURG 52Q: Becoming whatever you want to be: lessons learned from a stem cell

Ellie Shang-Jie Greyson

Was SDI "Worth It"? A Retrospective
Faculty: Sam Wineburg
EDUC 116N: Howard Zinn and the Quest for Historical Truth

Jason Hu

What's Trickling Down in Reagan's Economy?
Faculty: Sam Wineburg
EDUC 116N: Howard Zinn and the Quest for Historical Truth

Sal Amezcua, Charles Shi, Laura Sun, and Bala Vinaithirthan

Heat SensAIR
Faculty: My T Le
EE 15Q: The Art and Science of Engineering Design

Matthew Torre

East Coast vs. West Coast Rap
Faculty: James Chang MD
MUSIC 35N: Black Music Revealed: Black composers, performers, and themes from the 18th century to the present

Anna Pikarska

Human to Human: Famine Relief Beyond the Numbers
Faculty: Norman Naimark
HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: View from the Hoover Archives

Chana Lanter

Gebete and Responses
Faculty: Regina Casper
PSYC 111Q: The Changing Face of "Mental Illness" in Women: Historical, Medical and Artistic Approaches