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Excellence Award Winners 2023-24

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2023-24 Excellence Award Winners

Alana Okonkwo

The Provenance of an Alusi: A Protector of Igbo Communities' Wellness Now Far From Home
Faculty: Joel Cabrita
HISTORY 46N/AFRICAAM 46N/AFRICAST 46N: Show and Tell: Creating Provenance Histories of African Art

Ethan Ball

Disabled students don't exist on weekends
Faculty: Kären Wigen
HISTORY 95N: Maps in the Modern World

Taralyn Nguyen

The Athletes' Mind Podcast
Faculty: Michael Gisondi
EMED 123N: Does Social Media Make Better Physicians?

Kirsten Lees

Barnaby, Aurora
Faculty: Terry Berlier
ARTSTUDI 150N/FEMGEN 150N: Queer Sculpture

Sophie Szew

Receipt Keeping as Jewish and Feminist Tradition Explored Through Judith Katzir’s “Closing the Sea”
Faculty: Russell A. Berman
COMPLIT 37Q/JEWISHST 37Q: Zionism and the Novel

Rohan Parekh

Alone Among the Stars
Faculty: Melissa Stevenson
ENGLISH 17Q: After 2001: A 21st Century Science Fiction Odyssey

Lisa Fung & Esmee Cowing

WiFi-controlled electric vehicle
Faculty: Thomas H. Lee
EE 14N: Things about Stuff

Richard Johns

Train Tracks
Faculty: Anna Bigelow
RELIGST 10N: The Good Death

Creagh Factor

From Manuscript to Early Print: The Movement of Materiality, Methods, and Meaning
Faculty: Elaine Treharne
ENGLISH 10Q/DLCL 122Q: Technologies of Handwriting: History, Theory, Practice

Vladimir Mamchik

Ophthalmologists and Visual Disabilities: What Accommodations Are Your Patients Guaranteed?
Faculty: Michael Gisondi
EMED 123N: Does Social Media Make Better Physicians?

Asiamae Caracas, Keshav Dhir & Delfino Li

Deployable CubeSat Solar Array
Faculty: Maria Sakovsky
AA 114Q: Large Spacecraft Structures

Wyatt Sklarin

Making of Creme Brulee and its Chemistry Basis
Faculty: Richard N. Zare
CHEM 29N: Chemistry in the Kitchen

Griffin Lee

On what solar system extraterrestrial body is life most likely to be, or have been?
Faculty: Anne Dekas
EARTHSYS 36N: Life at the Extremes: From the Deep Sea to Deep Space

Cayden Gu

Secrecy in US & China's Semiconductor "CHIP WAR"
Faculty: James R. Jacobs
PSYC 55N: Secrecy

Jack Komaroff & West Mulholland

Lumière du film
Faculty: Cécile Alduy
FRENCH 87N/FILMEDIA 87N: The New Wave: How The French Reinvented Cinema

Sam Jonker & Hudson Fox

The Present State of Electrical Grid Modeling: Limitations of and Solutions for Decarbonizing the United States Power Grid
Faculty: John Fox 
APPPHYS 79N: Energy Options for the 21st Century

Zaydan Kabir Amanullah

The Ultimate Stoked Challenge
Faculty: Shashank Joshi & Daryn Reicherter
PSYC 60N/LIFE 60N: The Psychology of Stoked

Amanda Cheng

Les Demoiselles de Rochefort and the Joy of Spectacle
Faculty: Scott Bukatman
FILMEDIA 211N: Childish Enthusiasms and Perishable Manias

Charlotte Cao

Delving into the Identity of Little Saigon
Faculty: Rachel Heise Bolten
AMSTUD 126Q: California Dreaming