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Using the IntroSems' Faculty VCA for Quarterly Student Selection (Dates)

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When the IntroSems' Faculty VCA opens for student selection for each quarter, faculty receive detailed guidance from the program including a PDF with step-by-step instructions for using the system for their review as well as the deadline for their selections. This email comes from with a subject line beginning "Select IntroSems students." If you cannot find that email or attachment and/or have questions generally about the selection process, please contact program administrators at or (650) 724-2405 during regular business hours.

In academic year 2022-23, instructors may select students for their IntroSems during the following dates:

  • Autumn Quarter IntroSems: September 7 – September 14
  • Winter Quarter IntroSems: November 8 – November 14
  • Spring Quarter IntroSems: February 14 – February 20

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