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What are IntroSems?

Introductory Seminars (IntroSems) are small, hands-on, discussion-based academic courses offered across all seven schools at Stanford, designed specifically for Frosh and Sophomores. 

How IntroSems fit into your Stanford education Explore IntroSems Catalog  ApplyHow IntroSems fit into your Stanford teaching

Applying for IntroSems

Really excited about a particular IntroSem? Apply for priority enrollment in up to three IntroSems per quarter. Tell the instructor why you want to take their class with a brief statement of interest. Status (i.e., admitted, waitlisted, not admitted) is released before you enroll in your other courses that quarter. 
Learn about priority enrollment

Late start, or just flexible? After instructors have selected students for priority enrollment, any IntroSems that still have space available will open up for student self-registration in Axess. So you’ve got a few chances to get into a fantastic class! 
Learn how to enroll without applying in advance

Rowan Dorin's History 14N class
Map by Arman Kassam

Course Spotlight

An Atlas of Stanford Counter-Maps, created by students in History 95N: Maps in the Modern World, shows a different side of first-year life on campus. 

See student-created campus maps

Check out the TEK Stories Podcast by members of the Frosh IntroSem, Catching up with Traditional Ecological Knowledge (BIO35N), offered in Spring 2022 with Professor Tadashi Fukami 

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