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Excellence Award Winners 2021-22

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2021-22 Excellence Award Winners

Ryan Beyer

Cambodia as Collateral Damage: The Tragic Impact of Foreign Intervention and the Khmer Rouge's Rise to Power
Faculty: Norman Naimark
HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: View from the Hoover Archives

Dominic Borg

Humbugs and Frauds: Authoritarianism in the Works of Mark Twain
Faculty: Shelley Fisher Fishkin
ENGLISH 68N/AMSTUD 68N: Mark Twain and American Culture

Casie Chavez

Decolonizing Mental Health
Faculty: Takudzwa Shumba
MED 54Q: Decolonizing Global Health

Sylvia Chin and Elijah Kim

The Internet of Things and Stuff
Faculty: Thomas Lee
EE14N: Things about Stuff

Michael Cho, Daniel Hwang and Michael Jeffries

Exploring the Merits of Prior Acquaintanceship and Collaboration in Stanford Courses
Faculty: Mark Granovetter
SOC 31N: Social Networks

Kapil Dheeriya and Luke Veit

Lithium Valley - Using Geothermal Brines for Lithium Extraction and Electricity Generation
Faculty: John D. Fox
APPPHYS 79N: Energy Options for the 21st Century

Monica Hicks

Building Agency for Women of Color Through Contemporary Fiction: A Literary Analysis of Aimee Phan’s We Should Never Meet and Samantha Rajaram’s Company Daughters
Faculty: Valerie Miner
FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

Meghan Jin and Tiffany Saade

The Ground Zero Controversy in a Mourning Community Post-9/11 Attacks
Faculty: Thomas Ehrlich
EDUC 122Q/HISTORY 52Q/POLISCI 20Q: Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past

Aman Ladia

GPS in Urban Areas
Faculty: Sherman Lo
AA 115Q: The Global Positioning System: Where on Earth are We, and What Time is It?

Arethea Ann Sian Lim

Paradoxes of the Hand: A Response to Rodin and Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease
Faculty: James Chang MD
SURG 70Q: Surgical Anatomy of the Hand: From Rodin to Reconstruction

Luke Maurer

Do You Like Swimming?
Faculty: John Evans
ENGLISH 90Q: Sports Writing

Mina Phipps

Gout vs. Pseudogout vs. Septic Arthritis: Diagnosis and Treatment (An Infographic)
Faculty: Michael Gisondi
EMED 123N: Does Social Media Make Better Physicians?

Katie Resnick

Exploring Neurasthenia Through Art
Faculty: Regina Casper
PSYC 111Q: The Changing Face of "Mental Illness" in Women: Historical, Medical and Artistic Approaches

Sangam Sharma

There’s a Ghost in the Bathroom! Ghosts as Personifications of Childhood Fear
Faculty: Gabriella Safran
SLAVIC 118N: Other People's Words: Folklore and Literature

Katharine Sorensen

What's in a Name
Faculty: Christopher Krebs
CLASSICS 19N: Eloquence Personified: How to Speak like Cicero

Julia Steinberg

Militia Movements in the American West
Faculty: Steven Press
HISTORY 9N: How to Start Your Own Country: Sovereignty and State-Formation in Modern History

Devy Weir

Psilocybin and the Default Mode Network
Faculty: William Giardino
PSYC 52N: The Neuroscience of Stress and Reward: Circuit Fundamentals of Emotional Arousal

Nora Yang

What Makes Ticks Tick in an Increasingly Urbanized World? An Overview of How Urbanization Impacts Tick Abundance and Risk of Tick-Borne Infectious Diseases for Humans
Faculty: Erin Mordecai
BIO 2N: Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease in a Changing World