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Excellence Award Winners 2012-13

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2012-2013 Excellence Award Winners

Zainab Taymuree (2016)

A Portrait of Julius K. Nyerere
Faculty: Sean Hanretta
History 48N: African History Through Literature and Film

Arun Kulshreshtha (2015)

Review: Beethoven Concert No. 3
Faculty: Stephen Hinton
Music 33N: The Beethoven Project

Michelle Jia (2016)

Calliope Speech
Faculty: Christopher Krebs
Classgen 11N: Eloquence Personified: How To Speak Like Cicero

Monica Thieu (2016)

Program Notes for “Ut queant laxis”
Faculty: Jesse Rodin
Music 38N: Singing Early Music

Andrey Sushko (2016)

Design and Construction of a Miniature Boat Propelled by an Electrowetting Motor
Faculty: Robert Finn
Math 80Q: Capillary Surfaces: Explored and Unexplored Territory

Rebecca Gold (2015)

I Gave You My Heart But You Gave It Away: Sex and Gender Analysis in Organ Transplantation
Faculty: Londa Schiebinger
History 44Q: Gendered Innovations in Science, Medicine, and Engineering

Rosalynn Emberton (2016), James Hong (2016) and Andrew Jacobs (2016)

Cognitive Tools of Social Networking Across Cultures
Faculty: Reviel Netz
Classgen 22N: Technologies of Civilization: Writing, Numbers, and Money

Aaron Oro (2016) and Jamie Young (2016)

ChargeCycle: Charging AA Batteries with Pedal Power
Faculty: Andrea Goldsmith and My Le
EE 15N: The Art and Science of Engineering Project Design