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Who Gets Priority for an IntroSem

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Preferences by Class Year

First-Year Students

Frosh have priority for Introductory Seminars (IntroSems) for First-Year Students, and second priority for Sophomore-preference seminars when space is available.

Sophomores and New Transfers

Sophomore and first-year transfer students have priority for Sophomore-preference IntroSems, and second priority for First-Year-preference seminars when space is available.

What is the difference between "N" and "Q" in the course catalog number?

N = Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students (e.g., BIO 33N)

Q = Sophomore Introductory Seminar or Sophomore Introductory Dialogue (e.g., ESS 61Q). A Dialogue is basically a seminar with half the enrollment, typically about 6 students. There is one Sophomore Dialogue routinely offered in the IntroSem catalog, SURG 70Q; check it out in the catalog.