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Student Advisory Board

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Members of the Student Advisory Board are asked to give advice, offer suggestions, identify needs, and in general to provide student perspectives on Introductory Seminars. They meet quarterly over lunch with the faculty director and associate director. In the past, board members have provided invaluable and insightful comments on topics such as IntroSems messaging to incoming first-year students, the priority enrollment process, and moments of meaningful connection with faculty.

Faculty who teach IntroSems are invited to nominate students toward the end of each quarter. We are always looking for board members who are willing to critique as well as collaborate, who are willing to offer strong opinions and also to listen, and who are thoughtful about their own learning and interested in shaping undergraduate education. Members are primarily first- and second-year students, who bring a wide range of backgrounds and interests to the group. Some students have taken only one seminar; others have taken several in multiple fields. 

To nominate a student, please complete this nomination form

Reach out to with any questions.