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Course Development Assistance (CDA & CDA+)

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IntroSems instructors are eligible for student help assisting with course preparations and implementation. There are two types of student support roles: Course Development Assistant Plus (CDA+) and Course Development Assistant (CDA).

IntroSems does not support the use of Teaching Assistants (TAs) as the key pedagogic mission of the seminars is that first- and second-year students have the opportunity to work with faculty directly.

The deadline for SQ CDA requests was Friday, March 8th. We are happy to support your SQ course with a CDA+. 

Request a CDA+ or CDA

CDA+ Program

The CDA+ Program, coordinated by Hollie Fortkamp, is a pool of students specially trained  in Canvas design, classroom and academic technology, inclusive teaching practices, and IntroSems' program resources, policies, and processes. In addition, each CDA+ brings their own unique skill set- meet the CDA+ crew. They can also help with implementing courses enhancements, such as coordinating mentor meals, planning fieldtrips, and arranging guest speakers. All CDA+s have taken at least one IntroSem. You may request a CDA+ at any point before or during your quarter of instruction.


CDAs are typically former or current students (though not currently enrolled in the IntroSem) who may have specific content knowledge related to the course. As with CDA+s, CDAs can also help with course enhancement logistics. CDAs attend an IntroSems program orientation and are assigned a CDA+ mentor who is available to answer questions. We have a limited number of CDA spots each quarter and requests must be made a minimum of 30 days before their first day of work.

CDA Logistical Details

  • CDAs cannot be paid retroactively; we must process the paperwork to hire them BEFORE you assign them any work. Please contact us at least 30 days before you want the student to begin working.
  • These positions are paid hourly; a one-time payment is not available for this position.
  • CDAs are eligible for hourly pay up to 10 hours/week for 110 hours total.
  • CDAs are paid $18.00/hr for undergraduate students and $25.50/hr for graduate students.
  • CDAs must be enrolled during the dates of employment. A student is not eligible to be a CDA while on a Leave of Absence. 
  • CDAs must live on or near campus during the dates of employment. 

Neither role should be grading, evaluating student work, or taking the place of an absent instructor, although they may supplement the instructor’s assistance in-class with hands-on projects. Teaching Assistant (TA) positions for classroom instruction are not supported by IntroSems because our goal is to foster connections between instructors and students. 

Hollie Fortkamp will work with you to determine whether a CDA+ or CDA is a better fit. Reach out to her with any questions (

The deadline for SQ CDA requests was Friday, March 8th. We are happy to support your SQ course with a CDA+. 

Request a CDA+ or CDA