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Excellence Award Winners 2014-15

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2014-2015 Excellence Award Winners

Austyn Lee (2018)

The Face of the Korean Wave—Domestic and International Success of Korean Cosmetic Marketing Strategies 
Faculty: Dafna Zur
KORGEN 101N: Kangman Style: Korean Media and Pop Culture

Nira Ann Krasnow (2017)

Critiques of the Cystic Fibrosis Literature 
Faculty: Ron Kopito
BIO 25Q: Molecular Basis of Genetic Disease

Fiona Noonan (2017)

Toward a New Zion: The Paradox of Environmental Stewardship and Degradation Reflected in Mormon Culture in the California Gold Rush 
Faculty: Dennis Bird
GES 55Q: The California Gold Rush: Geologic Background and Environmental Impact

Susana Martinez and Mini Racker (2018)

The Mirror Gripper 
Faculty: Allison Okamura
ME 20N: Haptics: Engineering Touch