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IntroSems Statement of Interest Writing Tips

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Keep the following tips in mind when submitting your statement or self-introduction. 

Tips for Submitting a Statement of Interest

Tell a Story

Tell a story about yourself, your interest in the subject, and what you would contribute to the class. Don't focus on what you think the professor wants to read or being overly polished; faculty look for students with diverse backgrounds and attitudes. The more the instructor can understand your motivations and approach to the topic, the more likely he or she will keep you in mind for the final class list.

Save! And Be Aware of Deadlines

Save your statements as you write (save often if you are writing in the IntroSems' VCA), and be aware of deadlines. Your submission will not be accepted after the quarterly deadline.

Seminar-Specific Questions

Keep an eye out for seminar-specific questions and be sure to answer them regardless of how you rank the seminar. These instructors want to learn more than the standard prompt may reveal.

Get Feedback

Share your statements with an advisor, family member, or friend—they can provide suggestions and help proofread.