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Excellence Award Winners 2016-17

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2016-2017 Excellence Award Winners

Ethan Chua

Language Revitalization Plan for Northern Pomo, a California Indigenous Language
Faculty: Sarah Ogilvie
LINGUIST 64Q/ ANTHRO 64Q/ NATIVEAM 64Q: These Languages Were Here First: A Look at the Indigenous Languages of California

Callie Hoon

Explaining the Hwang Affair: A Crisis in South Korean Techno-nationalism
Faculty: Hank Greely
GENE 104Q: Law and the Biosciences

Victoria Pu

Rakugo, Then and Now: Exploring Ancient Japanese “Sit-Down Comedy” Through a Modern Lens of Performance and Wordplay
Faculty: Gabriella Safran
SLAVIC 118N: Other People’s Words: Folklore and Literature

Kutay Serova

Euphronios' Experimentation with Florals
Faculty: Jody Maxmin
ARTHIST 100N/ CLASSICS 18N: The Artist in Ancient Greek Society

Jorge Avelar-Lopez, Madison Largey, Samuel Good, Christina Martin-Ebosele, Paulina Reyes

Stable Eyes: Keeping your Videos Steady in an Unsteady World
Faculty: Andrea Goldsmith & My T. Le
EE 15N: The Art and Science of Engineering Design