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Excellence Award Winners 2019-20

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2019-2020 Excellence Award Winners

Jacob Anderson

Athletic Genius
Faculty: John Evans
ENGLISH 90Q: Sports Writing

Rachel Barber

Women in Emergency Medicine
Faculty: Michael Gisondi
EMED 123N: Does Social Media Make Better Physicians?

Sarah Crable

Words and Action: Environmental Consciousness in Guidebook to Relative Strangers by Camille Dungy and The Rabbits Could Sing by Amber Flora Thomas
Faculty: Valerie Miner
FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

Edmond Dilworth

Uber and Lyft’s Negative Impact on Congestion in Cities, and What City Governments Can Do to Address the Problem
Faculty: John D. Fox and Ted Geballe
APPPHYS 79N: Energy Options for the 21st Century

Isabel Gallegos

Souvenirs Viviants
Faculty: Cécile Alduy
FRENCH 87N: The New Wave: How The French Reinvented Cinema

Lena Han

A Federal Renewable Electricity Standard
Faculty: Gregory Rosston
PUBLPOL 55N/ECON 25N: Public Policy and Personal Finance

Emily Handsel

Analyzing the Declining Trends in Gun Ownership in the United States from 1973-2018
Faculty: Morris Fiorina
POLISCI 20N: The American Electorate in the Trump Era

Amaris Lewis

Reconceiving Life: Exploring Motivations for Motherhood and Infertility Treatments in Western and Nonwestern Contexts
Faculty: Katherine Williams and Regina Casper
PSYC 111Q: The Changing Face of "Mental Illness" in Women: Historical, Medical and Artistic Approaches

Miranda Li

Cut Fruit as Performance: “Subtle Asian Traits” and the Forging of an Asian-American Identity
Faculty: Gabriella Safran
SLAVIC 118N: Other People's Words: Folklore and Literature

Ricardo López

Vector-Borne Diseases and Biological Controls: How Larvivorous Fish Impacted the Environment and the Course of Countermeasures
Faculty: Erin Mordecai
BIO 2N: Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease in a Changing World

Angelo Marquez-Nieto and Brian Delgado

Underwater Gripper
Faculty: Allison Okamura
ME 23N: Soft Robots for Humanity

Griffin Miller

Connectivity Determinants
Faculty: Mark Granovetter
SOC 31N: Social Networks

Olivia Naidu

Be the Best and Excel above Others: From the Ancient Greeks to Modern Athletics
Faculty: Jody Maxim
ARTHIST 100N/CLASSICS 18N: The Artist in Ancient Greek Society

Colton Jonjak Plahn, Alec Katz, Christian Martinez, Phoenix Reivers, Phoebe Wall

Sea Trash Recognition and Analysis with SAR and Spectrometry: STRAWSS
Faculty: Simone D'Amico
AA 118N: How to Design a Space Mission: From Concept to Execution

Brad Ramunas

The Story of a Catalonian Deed
Faculty: Rowan Dorin
HISTORY 14N: Making the Middle Ages

Sydney Reese, Calista Triantis, Marie Bland

Awareness of Social Bias and Its Influence in Memory of Female Vs. Male Talkers
Faculty: Meghan Sumner
LINGUIST 54N: Social Bias and Earwitness Memory

Kayla Severson

The Shattered Human Psyche
Faculty: Margo Horn
FEMGEN 41Q/ AMSTUD 41Q: Madwomen and Madmen: Gender and the History of Mental Illness in the U.S.

Rebecca Smalbach

Merrick Garland's Nomination to the Supreme Court
Faculty: Tom Ehrlich
EDUC 122Q/HISTORY 52Q/POLISCI 20Q: Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past

Sarah Yribarren

From Work Songs to Jazz to Rap: How Music Reflects the African-American Experience
Faculty: Paul Phillips
MUSIC 11N: Harmonic Convergence: Music's Intersections with Science, Mathematics, History, and Literature

Vivian Zhu

Culturally Relative Fandoms: Western v. Chinese Reactions to K-pop Scandals
Faculty: Dafna Zur
KOREA 101N: Kangnam Style: K-pop and the Globalization of Korean Soft Power