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Excellence Award Winners 2013-14

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2013-2014 Excellence Award Winners

Group Project

Joey Asberger, Catherine Benz, Mark Carrington, Joshua DeLeon, Maria Doerr, Jake Glassman, Grant Glazer, Joe Hack, Griffin Hill, Emma Hutchinson, Ashley Jowell, Camille Lagron, Josh Lappen, Mikael Osler, Ashley Overbeek, Meghan Shea, Caroline Spears (All Students, 2017)
Wind Energy and Birds in California, a presentation to the Audubon Society and The Union of Concerned Scientists    
Faculty: Terry Root
Biology 17N: Getting Renewable Energy up to Scale: The Problem of Location

Kimbrely Tan (2017), Mckenna Roberts (2017), Alexa Haushalter (2017)

The Stanford Housing Draw 
Faculty: Paul Milgrom
ECON 24N: Social Choice & Market Design

John Ward West (2017)

Map of Ohlone Stanford Lands, with Commentary
Faculty: Karen Wigen
History 95N: Mapping the World: Cartography and the Modern Imagination

Dylan Sarkisian (2017)

The Emergence and Dissemination of Occupy 
Faculty: Susan Olzak
Sociology 22N: The Roots of Social  Protest

Eric Hertz (2016)

Finding Meaning in the Natural World: Making Place and Leaving Space in Contemporary Ecopoetics
Faculty: Valerie Miner
Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies 188Q: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

Gurpreet Sohi (2016)

Health and Human Rights: Female Genital Mutilations
Faculty: Ami Laws
Medicine 108Q: Human Rights and Health

Sarah Sadlier (2016)

Overcoming Opacity: Uncovering the Development of Israel's Nuclear Weapons Program
Faculty: Siegfried Hecker
Management Science & Engineering 93Q: Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation and Terrorism