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IntroSems Enrollment Process

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Enrollment in IntroSems is restricted to results of the quarterly VCAIS student sign-up and faculty selection process, explicit permission of the instructor, or the programmatic opening of seminars with space available each quarter.

SIS IntroSems Program administrators handle the initial batch enrollment of students in IntroSems before Axess opens for course registration for the quarter. IntroSem waitlists are managed with Axess permission numbers. Seminars with space available after initial sign-ups will be opened for self-enrollment in Axess.

  • Students sign up for priority enrollment in IntroSems at by quarterly deadlines.
  • After faculty review, admitted students are batch enrolled in the seminars by SIS IntroSems Program administrators before Axess opens for course enrollment for the quarter.
  • As admitted students are uploaded from VCAIS to Axess, the official class roster will become available to faculty from their Teaching Tab in Axess.
  • IntroSems may have VCAIS waitlists if there is more demand than space. IntroSem waitlists are managed by the instructor, with Axess permission numbers. IntroSems with waitlists are closed to open enrollment in Axess (add consent remains set to "Instructor Consent Required").
  • Enrollment in WRITE 2 IntroSems is restricted. All drops and waitlist adds are managed by SIS IntroSems Program administrators, in consultation the instructor and the PWR Office.
  • Students admitted to a WRITE 2 IntroSem must contact if they decide to drop the class. They cannot drop or add a WRITE 2 Seminar themselves in Axess.
  • Seminars that receive less than the target number of sign-ups in the VCAIS will be opened for self-enrollment by SIS IntroSems Program administrators when Axess opens for the quarter (add consent changed to "No special consent required"). Interested students are referred to the Space Available page. The page updates daily with the latest enrollment information from Axess.