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Setting Up IntroSems Course Records

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Once a seminar is approved by the DFO and department chair, department course administrators set up the IntroSem course record in Coursedog, using a specific component type and suffix unique to IntroSems in Axess. The IntroSem online catalog and student application system pull information from the course record in Axess, so it's important for the course to be set up correctly as an Introductory Seminar.

Component Types and Catalog Suffixes

When creating a new course record for an IntroSem, please ensure that the course is designated with the appropriate course component type and catalog suffix for an Introductory Seminar--

  • An Introductory Seminar for First-Year Students has a course component type of "SU Intro Seminar - Freshman" (IntrSemFr / ISF). Add the suffix, "N", to the catalog number to designate it as a Frosh IntroSem (e.g., BIO 7N).
  • Sophomore Introductory Seminar has a course component type of "SU Intro Seminar - Sophomore" (IntrSemSo / ISS). Add the suffix, "Q", to the catalog number to designate it as a Sophomore IntroSem (e.g., ENGLISH 94Q).
  • Sophomore Introductory Seminar Dialogue has a course component component type of "SU Intro Dialogue - Sophomore" (IntrDialSo / IDS). Add the suffix, "Q", to the catalog number to designate it as a Sophomore IntroSem Dialogue (e.g., MED 50Q). A Dialogue has a smaller enrollment than a Sophomore IntroSem, but still prioritizes sophomores.

The online IntroSems course catalog, the IntroSems' application system, and BI reporting tools rely on using these distinctive component types in Axess.

Catalog Numbers

Because IntroSems are undergraduate courses designed to appeal to first- and second-year students, please consider assigning a catalog number that is under 100 (e.g., BIO 7N, ENGLISH 94Q, MED 50Q).

Axess Course ID and VCAIS

The Axess course ID number links the course record to the IntroSems' VCA, the IntroSems student application system. Official course information automatically pulls into the VCA overnight from Axess, including --

  • seminar title
  • catalog number
  • quarter
  • component type
  • class days, times, and locations
  • units
  • grading basis
  • Ways certification

It is important for the IntroSem to be set up correctly in Coursedog due to this automatic pull from Axess.