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Excellence Award Winners 2017-18

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2017-2018 Excellence Award Winners

Shraddha Anand 

The Folklore of Science: LUX-Zeplin Experiment
Faculty: Gabriella Safran 
SLAVIC 118N: Other People's Words: Folklore and Literature 

Rodolfo Isaac Arocha

"Ensnared: A Story of Multiculturalism, Racism, and Identity Formation"
Faculty: Steven Roberts
PSYCH 21N/CSRE 21N/AFRICAAM 121N: How to Make a Racist

Alli Cruz

Spaces for Identity: How Narrative Structure and the Spatial World Inform the Self
Faculty: Valerie Miner
FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person

Sophie Decoppet, Jack Herkert, Autumn Luna, and Harry Mellsop 

Space Mission Name: Intelligent Magnetospheric Mapping and Understanding Network Edification (IMMUNE) 
Faculty: Simone D'Amico
AA 118N: How to Design a Space Mission: from Concept to Execution

Kyle Duchynski

The Forgotten Fight: The Failings of the Allied Intervention in Siberia
Faculty: Norman Naimark/Anatol Shmelev
HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: Views from the Hoover Archives

Katie Fong

The Construction of K-pop Fan Culture
Faculty: Dafna Zur
KOREA 101N: Kangnam Style: Korea's Soft Power in Our Globalized Economy

Deirdre Francks

Gender, Land Rights, and a Changing Climate
Faculty: John Weyant
MS&E 92Q: International Environmental Policy

Mustafa Omer Gul

Beethoven Piano Sonata No. 23 in F Minor, Op. 57, “Appassionata”
Faculty: Stephen Hinton
MUSIC 33N: Beethoven

Rishabh Kapoor

Conjunct Intrathecal and Systemic Administration of Antisense Oligonucleotides (ASO) As an Enhanced Therapeutic Regimen for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Faculty: Deborah Freeland/Kari Nadeau
MED 50N: Translational Research: Turning Science into Medicine

Harika Kottakota

The Right to Mental Health in Post-Conflict Societies 
Faculty: Ami Laws
MED 108Q: Human Rights and Health

Christian Ostberg

Zika Virus at the 2016 Olympic Games 
Faculty: Stephen Felt
COMPMED 84Q: Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases 

Ashwin Ramaswami

Freedom to Call: Reactions to the NSA’s Telephone Metadata Collection Program (A Case Study) 
Faculty: Tom Ehrlich
EDUC 122Q/HISTORY 52Q/POLISCI 20Q: Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past

Nikhil Shankar

Transporting Suburbs to a Low Emissions Future: The Relative Roles of Technology and Urban Planning
Faculty: John Fox
APPPHYS 79Q: Energy Options for the 21st Century

JP Spaventa, Zoe von Gerlach, and Andrew Ying

Designing Space Mission Management Structures Through the Lens of Data Economies
Faculty: Dustin Schroeder
GEOPHYS 54N: The Space Mission to Europa 

Joel Swann

Changing Hearts and Minds Portfolio Example
Faculty: JD Schramm
GSBGEN 114Q: Changing Hearts and Minds

Antigone Xenopoulos 

Immigration: The United States’ Guarantee for a Vibrant Labor Force and Economy in an Era of Population Aging
Faculty: Ran Abramitzky
ECON 15Q: The Economics of Immigration in the U.S.: Past and Present

Kelsey Zeng

An Analysis of America’s Gender Wage Gap
Faculty: Gregory Rosston
PUBLPOL 55N/ECON 25N: Public Policy and Personal Finance

Tiffany Zhu

Old Boyars in New Clothes: Peter the Great’s Reforms to the Nobility and Bureaucracy
Faculty: Nancy Kollmann
HISTORY 20N: Russia in the Early Modern European Imagination