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Excellence Award Winners 2011-12

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2011-2012 Excellence Award Winners

Vanessa Bastidas (2014), Savannah Kopp (2014), Patrick Reed (2014) and Alfredo Alvarez (2014)

Growing Up in the Land of Opportunity
Faculty: Paula Moya and Hazel Markus
Psychology 29N/English 64N: Growing Up in America

Group Project

Isabel Marquez Cardenas, Yari Greaney, Michael Penuelas, Nicole Ruiz , Lauren Sweet, Dylan Sweetwood, Nora Tjossem, Joseph Topasna Jr., Mark Valentine, Jack Werner (All Students 2015)
Faculty: Elizabeth Hadly
Biology 30N: Extinctions in Near Time: Biodiversity Loss Since the Pleistocene

Andrew Ponec (2015)

Integrating Renewable Electricity in the Grid: The Challenges of Variability
Faculty: John Fox and Ted Geballe
Applied Physics 79N: Energy Choices for the 21st Century

Emily Cheng (2014)

Visualization of Visitors to National Parks
Faculty: Jonathan Berger
Music 15N: The Aesthetics of Data

Emily Elizabeth Witt (2015)

Acquired Toticollis: A Case Report
Faculty: Bruce Fogel
Surgery 71Q: Procedural Anatomy

Lynnelle Ye (2014)

Twice Unwanted: Passing Race and Gender in Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda; and Cherene Sherrand-Johnson’s Portraits of the New Negro Woman
Faculty: Valerie Miner
Feminist Studies 188N: Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person