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Apply for Priority Enrollment

Only first-year, sophomore, and new transfer students are eligible to receive priority enrollment in IntroSems. Choose up to three IntroSems per quarter and submit a statement of interest for your first ranked seminar that quarter in the IntroSems' VCA by the quarterly deadline. Check to see if other seminars you rank have additional questions you need to answer.

Writing Tips

Not sure how to start your statement of interest? Wondering what an instructor is looking for?

Review Your Status

You've selected your three IntroSems and submitted your statement of interest for priority enrollment. Now what, when, and how?

Enroll without Applying in Advance

After results are released for the quarter and admitted students are priority enrolled, students who did not receive or apply for priority enrollment can self-enroll in IntroSems that still have Space Available directly in Axess.

Seminar Updates

Changes can happen throughout the year. Learn about course additions, cancellations, and quarter or schedule changes here.