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Excellence Award Winners 2018-19

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2018-2019 Excellence Award Winners

Julia Belle Adams 

The Helandros
Faculty: Valerie Miner 
FEMGEN 153Q/CSRE 153Q Reading and Writing the Gendered Story

Yanichka Ariunbold 

Lost and Found In Translation 
Faculty: Valerie Miner 
FEMGEN 188Q/CSRE 188Q, "Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person"

Emmanuel Ntse Ayumba, Nicholas Tyler Sligh, Cathy Xuan Zhang 

Exploring the Profiles of "Connectors" in the Stanford Freshman Class 
Faculty: Mark Granovetter 
Sociology 31N Social Networks

Mià  Bahr, Hamza el Boudali, Ashley Kwon, Alexa Ramachandran

The Physicists 
Faculty: Tsachy Weissman, Ayfer Ozgur, Irena Fischer-Hwang 
Electrical Engineering 25N Science of Information

Dylan Alexander Boles and Micah Wheat 

The Texas Issue: Sovereignty or Statehood 
Faculty: Thomas Ehrlich 
Education 122Q/History 52Q/Political Science 20Q Democracy in Crisis: Learning from the Past

Felipe Bomfim, James Kanoff,  and Andrew Zelaya 

Empathy News 
Faculty: Andrea Goldsmith and My Le 
Electrical Engineering 15N The Art and Science of Engineering Design

Jake Chao 

Why Robots Won't Turn Evil 
Faculty: Mark Crimmins 
Philosophy 20N Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence

Aria Fischer 

17 and Gold Going on 19 and Old 
Faculty: John Evans 
English 90Q "Sports Writing"

Jeffrey Heo 

Assessment of Modern Hydrogen Production Methods for Clean Energy Applications 
Faculty: John Fox and Theodore H. Geballe 
Applied Physics 79Q Energy Options for the 21st Century

Ivan Lenmdel Juarez-Reyes 

CP Violation 
Faculty:  Renata Kallosh 
Physics 18N Frontiers in Theoretical Physics and Cosmology

Woo Joo Kwon 

The Globalization of Korean Food 
Faculty: Dafna Zur 
Korea 101N Kangnam Style: Korean Soft Power in the Global Economy

Coco Lemberg 

Half and Half: Exploring Multiracial Views on Race 
Faculty: Aliya Saperstein 
Sociology 20N/Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 20N What Counts as "Race" and Why?

Dante Mangiaracina

Comparing the Roads of Ancient Rome and Modern America
Faculty: Richard Saller
Classics 26N/History 11N The Roman Empire: Its Grandeur and Fall

Emily Molins 

Philemon and Baucis: The Revealing Nature of a Rare Happy Ending in Ovidian Myth 
Faculty: Richard P. Martin 
Classics 29N Ancient Myth in Modern Poetry

Khuyen Nha Le

The Utopia Box
Faculty: Chenshu Zhou
China 154Q Utopia/Dystopia in Chinese Literature and Culture 

Alexess Sosa 

A Product of My History 
Faculty: Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu 
Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity 47Q Heartfulness

Tara Sullivan 

DiversityEdu and CCC: A Stanford Intergroup Contact Kindness Intervention 
Faculty: Jamil Zaki 
Psychology 15N Becoming Kinder

Valerie Michelle Trapp 

Sex and Salpêtrière: The Role of the Male Gaze in the Treatment of Hysteria Patients 
Faculty: Katherine Williams, Regina Casper 
Psychiatry 111Q Madness and the Womb: Medical and Artistic Approaches to Women and Mental Illness Through the Centuries

Cooper Veit

My New Map of Life
Faculty: Laura L. Carstensen
Psychology 8N The New Longevity

Dawson Verley 

Global Conflict Observatory 
Faculty: Jonathan Berger 
Music 15N The Aesthetics of Data

Sohan Vichare 

Portfolio of LOWKeynote Speakers 
Faculty: JD Schramm, Burt Alper 
GSB General & Interdisciplinary 114Q Changing Hearts and Minds

Austin Weideman

What Beethoven Means to Me
Faculty: Stephen Hinton
Music 33N Beethoven

Erin Wenokur 

A Bloody Crime? Remuneration for Plasma in the United States 
Faculty: Hank Greely 
Genetics 104Q Law and the Biosciences

Kyle Yu

How Long Does a Stanford Custodian Need to Work to Make Rent?
Faculty: Kären Wigen
History 95N Maps in the Modern World