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Excellence Award Winners 2010-11

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2010-2011 Excellence Award Winners

Kelechi Erondu, Dong Myung Kim, Nicholas Su, Preet Angad Singh (All Students 2014)

Faculty: My T. Le and Andrea Goldsmith
Electrical Engineering15N: The Art and Science of Engineering Design

Sarah Quartey (2014)

A Campus at War: LGBT Battlegrounds at Stanford University
Faculty: Karen Wigen
History 95N: Mapping the World - Cartography and the Modern Imagination

Elise Racine (2014)

Spatiality and Solidarity: Exploring the revolutionary Tactics of the Madres de Plaza de Mayo
Faculty: Susan Olzak
Sociology 22N: The Rootes of Social Protes

Julie Saffarian (2013)

Eating Disorders and Their Increasing Prevalence Amongst Minority Groups in the US
Faculty: Irene Corso
Health Research Policy 89Q: Introduction to Cross-Cultural Issues in Medicine

Mayukh Sen (2014)

Glenda Jackson and the Feminist Utopia: Gender Politics in Ken Russell's Women in Love (1969)
Faculty: Peter Stansky
History 31Q: British History Revealed by the Arts of the 20th Century

Zachary Yellin-Flaherty (2014)

Contradictions in Content and Style
Faculty: Marisa Galvez
French 55N: After Epic - Romance, Lyric, and Novelistic Responses in Western Literature