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Excellence Award Winners 2015-16

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2015-2016 Excellence Award Winners

Annika Mulaney

Childhood Obesity and the Right to Adequate Nutrition
Faculty: Ami Laws
MED 108Q: Human Rights and Health

Chelsey Pan

Healthy Sexuality in the Context of Asexuality
Faculty: Lisa Medoff
HUMBIO 79Q: Sexuality and Society

Ella Bunnell

Where There's a Will, There Will Be a Living Wage (or Will There?): Applications of Social Movement Theory to the Living Wage Movement’s Decline
Faculty: Susan Olzak
SOC 22N: The Roots of Social Protest

Fernanda Kramer

What has caused the increase in autism?
Faculty: Scott Hall
PSYC 54N: Genes, Memes and Behavior

Jack Pigott

Understudied and Underserved: Analyzing Sex and Gender Differences in Heart Attacks of Young Women
Faculty: Londa Schiebinger
HISTORY 44Q: The History of Women and Gender in Science, Medicine, and Engineering

Matthew Vollrath

Sociological analysis: What Beatles fans can tell us about musical appreciation in general
Faculty: Willie Costello
PHIL 13N: "Can good people like bad music?" and other questions

Rhea Karuturi

Response paper sequence
Faculty: Alexander Nemerov and Nicholas Jenkins
ARTHIST 160N/ ENGLISH 51N: Sisters: Poetry and Painting