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IntroSems Curriculum Development

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Introductory Seminars offered in the current academic year will be automatically rolled over to create the initial roster of seminars for the upcoming academic year. This rollover process occurs annually, between January 1 and March 15.

For IntroSems offered previously but not within the last year, instructors may contact IntroSem program administrators at to request renewal during the Jan-Mar window.

Seminars new to the IntroSem curriculum should be submitted via the form on this page.

In Spring Quarter, SIS Introductory Seminars will request formal approval of new and renewed seminars from department chairs and DFOs.

If your department wants to add an IntroSem during the current academic year (after the roster process Jan 1 - Mar 15), please send your request to Lara Tohme, Associate Director of IntroSems, or Lindsay Garratt, Assistant Director, at Also, ask the instructor to complete the new seminar webform.