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What's Your Enrollment Status?

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Enrollment Status Posted 

Following instructor review, enrollment results for each quarter will be released in the IntroSems' VCA by:

  • Wednesday, September 15 (Autumn Quarter)
  • Monday, November 15 (Winter Quarter)
  • Friday, February 25 (Spring Quarter)

Check your status by logging into on these dates. If you receive priority enrollment in an IntroSem, you will be added so that the class automatically shows up on your study list in Axess.

View Your Status

What to Do if Your Status Is

Admitted (Priority Enrolled)
Not Admitted
Admitted into a WRITE 2 IntroSem

Admitted ( = Priority Enrolled)

Seminar Enrollment

Students admitted to a course will have IntroSem units pre-loaded on their study list before AXESS opens for the quarter (Autumn Quarter the exception - units loaded by September 20). This priority enrollment will occur provided that doing so (1) will not exceed the maximum unit load for a student's quarterly study list, and/or (2) there are no outstanding enrollment HOLDS on the record.

As you build your study list for the quarter, you may decide to drop the IntroSem—something you can do yourself in Axess (WRITE 2 IntroSems excluded). Please remember that there may be a waitlisted student who would like the space you make available, so please try to take action in Axess as soon as you can. As a courtesy, please notify the instructor if you drop.


When courses receive more students signing up than can be enrolled, instructors are encouraged to waitlist those students they would like to accommodate when space becomes available.

Being Waitlisted (Priority to Enroll)

For seminars in which faculty are maintaining a waitlist, you will see this status indicated in the online sign-up database, The faculty will reach out to waitlisted students to enroll as space becomes available and provide a permission number to use in Axess. To enroll in a seminar with a permission number, be sure to use the "Enroll" link under your Academics menu in Axess, not the "SimpleEnroll" link.

Not Admitted

Some IntroSems have more students sign up than there are spots, so if your status shows as "not admitted" for an IntroSem, try these other options.

Open for Enrollment

Check the Space Available page for courses that deserve another look.  Enroll yourself through Axess.

Attend the First Day of a Different Class

Unexpected opportunities can arise. Attend the first class meeting of a course which interests you. Students may have decided to drop out, thus making room for you to enroll or be added to the instructor's waitlist.

Plan Ahead

Look at the course listings for the upcoming quarter(s) and submit a statement of interest for any that you rank as first choice.

Admitted into a WRITE 2 IntroSem

Enrollment is managed by IntroSems; for this purpose, all WRITE 2 IntroSems are closed:

  • The program administrator will add/drop the course to your study list in Axess.
  • If plans change and you cannot take the course, notification to IntroSems and the instructor is required.
  • If you are on the waitlist, attend the first class to demonstrate your continued interest.

Key Points about WRITE 2 IntroSems

  • Completion of a WRITE 2 IntroSem will satisfy the University's second level Writing and Rhetoric requirement (WRITE 2).
  • If the WRITE 2 IntroSem is certified to satisfy a Way, the course may count towards fulfilling the Way in addition to the WRITE 2 requirement.
  • WRITE 2 IntroSems are primarily limited to students who have completed the first-level Writing and Rhetoric requirement (PWR1) and have not yet fulfilled WRITE 2 (PWR2). 
  • A Note About PWR2 Preferences (from the PWR program website) when you apply:

When you apply for a WRITE 2 IntroSem that is offered in the same quarter of your PWR 2 assignment, you are still required to submit PWR 2 section proferences for that quarter. If your statement of interest is accepted, the IntroSem becomes your defacto "first choice" and eliminates all other PWR2 preferences. If your statement of interest is either waitlisted or not accepted, your PWR 2 preference will be assigned. 

If the WRITE 2 IntroSem is offered before your assigned PWR 2 quarter, the PWR office will cancel your future PWR 2 assignment.

For more information, please read PWR Course, Assignment, and Enrollment Answers.


  • Enrolling Without Advance Sign-Up
  • During the Axess study list creation period, IntroSems with space available will be opened for students to self-enroll.
  • Check the Space Available page for IntroSems that still have space after priority sign-ups and Axess opens for the quarter. Self-enroll in an open IntroSem and introduce yourself to the instructor by email. Be sure and attend the first class meeting.
  • During the first and second weeks of instruction, additional seminars that are not restricted* may be released for self-enrollment. Continue to monitor the Space Available page for new IntroSems.
  • If you are enrolling in more than one IntroSem in the same quarter, you may wish to speak with your Undergraduate Advising Director about your study list.

*Enrollment in WRITE 2 IntroSems is always restricted.