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Enroll without Applying in Advance

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  • Once Axess is open for all course enrollment for the quarter, IntroSems that still have space available after priority applications and admissions are opened for student self-enrollment in Axess.

    Please note that Autumn Quarter is an exception. Autumn IntroSems with space available open in Axess only once frosh can start enrolling in Autumn classes during New Student Orientation. Space Available IntroSems typically open the Friday before the start of Autumn instruction.
  • Check the Space Available page in the Explore IntroSems catalog for seminars that are open in Axess and may have space available. Self-enroll in Axess first come, first served. If you are able to enroll, follow up with an email to the IntroSem instructor to introduce yourself. Be sure to attend the first class meeting.
  • During the first and second weeks of instruction, additional seminars may be added to the list. Bookmark and monitor the Space Available page for IntroSems new to the list.
  • If you are enrolling in more than one IntroSem in the same quarter, consider speaking with your Undergraduate Advising Director about your study list and your academic planning.